AP report shows progress for Hawaii public schools


More Hawaii public school students are taking the Advanced Placement exam, and more are passing. Passing scores allow students to accrue college credit before setting foot on a college campus.

Positive data trends

​​​​​​The 9th Annual AP Report to the Nation shows Hawaii’s public school system has seen across-the-board gains in the number of students taking AP exams, total exams taken, and scores that qualify students for college credit – in line with a national trend. Succeeding in AP is defined as achieving a score of 3 or higher on the five-point AP Exam scale, which is the score needed for credit, advanced placement or both at the majority of colleges and universities.

Approximately 11.4 percent of Hawaii’s graduating class scored a 3 or higher on an AP exam, compared with 19.5 percent nationally. However, Hawaii is expanding access to AP faster than the national average, more than doubling the number of high school graduates taking AP exams in the last decade.

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